SuperMax Oilgermany Turbo Diesel MMS 10W/40

Product Description and Place of Use

SuperMax Oil Germany Turbo MMS 10W/40 has been developed to provide effective protection in the new generation heavy-duty diesel engines. Prepared with low ash additive packages to keep the engine performance at maximum for a longer time. Its fully synthetic formulation helps to extend the life of heavy-duty engines with particle filter which has EURO 4, EURO 5, EURO 6 and SCR system.
  • Saves on maintenance costs due to long oil change period.
  • Provides sustainable performance in the most challenging road and climate conditions, providing superior protection to the motor.
  • Its motor protection feature reduces wear and extends engine life, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Helps to protect the environment by providing works exhaust emission systems efficiently.
  • Protects the engine from possible deposits such as soot, mud etc. and minimizes the wears.


  • API CI-4
  • ACEA E6-12/E7-12
  • MTU Type 3.1
  • MB 228.51
  • MAN M 3477/3271-1
  • Volvo VDS-3
  • Cummins CES 20077/20076
  • CAT ECF-1-a
  • JASO DH-2
  • Renault Trucks RLD-2