SuperMax Oilgermany Goldline 20W/50

Product Description and Place of Use

SuperMax Oil Germany 20W/50 (SG) is a mineral based multigrade gasoline engine oil, formulated by adding special performance additive combinations into high quality base oils. In addition to all gasoline engined vehicles, it is also suitable for light commercial and passenger cars, and for LPG fuel engined vehicles. It provides problem-free and economical performance under all climatic and driving conditions.
  • Due to its detergent and dispersant additives, hence prevention of deposit formation. Effective cleanliness under heavy driving conditions.
  • Effective protection towards wearing, corrosion and foaming due to its high performance additives.
  • High oxidation resistance and excellent protection provide lowered maintenance and operating costs through extended service intervals.
  • High thermal stability due to viscosity index improvers and the film layer prevent abrasion in the engines at every temperature.
  • API SG / CF