SuperMax Oilgermany 4T 10W/40

Product Description and Place of Use


4T 10W-40 is a synthetic engine oil produced with advanced technology that provides superior lubrication and protection even the tough driving conditions for 4-stroke motorcycle engines. It can be safely used in all air or water cooled motorcycles with single, double or multi cylinder engines that work with leaded or unleaded fuels.


  • Provides unique engine protection and fuel economy in all climate and usage conditions.
  • Provides excellent motor protection against risks that can occur inside of engine at high
  • speeds with its fully synthetic structure.
  • Provides maximum performance with its structure that keeps the oil pressure and the oil
  • consumption under control also prevents the deposit formation.
  • Extends engine life with tolerating challenging and abrasive effects on engine due to stop and go especially in inner city traffic conditions.


  • API SL
  • JASO MA2