SuperMax Oilgermany Premium 15W/40

Product Description and Place of Use

SuperMax Oil Germany 15W/40 (SL/CF) is the multi-viscosity petrol engine oil produced by addition of special additives to high-quality base oils in accordance with today’s engine technology. It is used in industrial and private diesel engines, as well as all petrol-driven vehicles. It provides problem-free and economical performance in any climate and road condition.
  • It avoids residue formation thanks to dispersant and detergent additives enhancing engine cleaning. It is highly-resistant to oxidation and guarantees excellent engine cleaning even in tough conditions.
  • Thanks to special additive combinations, it provides effective protection against abrasion, corrosion and foam formation.
  • It avoids high temperature inside the engine due to overheating arising from continuous use.
  • It has high thermal stability thanks to viscosity-index enhancer additives and avoids possible abrasions in low and high temperatures with its film layer
  • API SL / CF