SuperMax Oilgermany Turbo Diesel 10W/40

Product Description and Place of Use

SuperMax Oil Germany Turbo Diesel 10W/40 is a high performance synthetic gasoline engine oil, formulated with high technology synthetic and mineral base oils with high performance additive combinations. Thanks to its special formulation developed by the help of synthetic technology, it provides better performance than mineral based oils and unique protection under all weather and driving conditions.
  • Protection of the engine towards wears and abrasions even at the first starts due to the continuous film layer.
  • Good protection of the engine towards wears and oxidation at high temperatures.
  • Effective cleanliness due to its modern additive combinations so prevent engine power lost.
  • High resistance to oxidation and synthetic base that provide long service life.
  • Improved engine power by reducing the wears inside of the engine system.
  • API CI-4 
  • Volvo VDS-3
  • ACEA E7-12
  • Deutz DQC-III-10 LA 
  • ACEA A3/B4-12 
  • Cummins CES 20078/77/76
  • MB 228.3/229.1 
  • Mack EO-N/EO-M Plus
  • MAN M 3275 
  • Renault Trucks RLD-2
  • MTU Type 2 
  • Cat ECF-2/ECF-1-a
  • Detroit Diesel DDC 93K215
  • Global DHD-1