About Us

Our company has been established with 100% domestic capital and served successfully in the Lubricant sector. Our company has achieved a permanent place in the shortest time and in the industry has managed to make others mention its name.
Our company, which have directly influenced the Lubricant sector with the dynamism that it creates with its young staff and strong dealer network, has earned its reputation by attracting the attention of all its competitors with its experience, competitive spirit and energy. First of all the company took its place permanently in the domestic market and then in the international market afterwards in a short time. 
Our business area is predominantly for the automotive industry, which is based on the sale and marketing of lube oil both domestic and international markets.
Our factory which produces its products with world standards located in Konya, has been established with the latest technology and has international quality certificates.
In our factory, we mainly produce all kinds of Gasoline and Diesel Engine oils, Gear oils, Industrial oils, Industrial oils, Greases, Hydraulic and Antifreeze products with our automation monitoring and production system.
In line with our targets, our company which has got new achievements constantly by increasing the recognition of our products as Turkish brand both in domestic market and international markets, our products of SuperMax Oil Germany which we produced in international standards are now exported to more than 25 countries.
In the same way we continue to create new dealerships from Edirne to Kars with our domestic activities and spread our energy rapidly.
As company, our priority is always to remain in business partnership with our vendors in understanding the special attention we paid to them, continuing after sales, technical support services for our products, correct product in accordance with their needs, economic usage and use in the right place. We are adding value to the value of our brand with the synergy we have created with our dealers and we are trying to keep this satisfaction at the maximum level by prioritizing the satisfaction of our customers in every field.