SuperMax Oilgermany Premium 5W/40

Product Description and Place of Use

SuperMax Oil Germany 5W/40 is a synthetic based gasoline engine oil, produced with combination of high quality synthetic base oils and high performance additive packages are improved to suitable today’s technology. As a results of it’s unique excellent technology, it provides peerless engine performance under most severe weather and driving conditions such as heavy traffic in-town and also supports fuel economy. Therefore it is recommended to use for multijet engines as well as other engines where 5W/40 oil grade is recommended.
  • Provides unique protection of engine and engine performance under all whether and way conditions along with continuous high performance due to synthetic technology.
  • Prevent abrasion due to oil layer is formed continuous between surfaces on time when engines work firstly; lubrication necessity is highest in especially modern engines.
  • Prolong oil change periods with unique resistance towards oxidation.
  • Provide fuel economic due to high lubrication performance and engine clearance.
  • Protects fluency at very low temperatures thanks to high viscosity index even when it first starts and provides high engine power.
  • API SL / CF